Establishing Your Expertise

If you are at the beginning phases of your entrepreneur journey it’s important to build your reputation and credibility. And the fastest way to do that is being seen as an authority or expert in your specific field.  When you position yourself as your industry leader you become the “go-to” expert your audience turns to […]

Tapping Into the Frequency of Creativity

We live in a vibrational universe. And this vibration is impacting not just some, but all aspects of our lives. From the choices we make  on a daily basis to the collapsing and inevitable destruction of a star, we are all bound to this universal law. Within these cosmic frequencies does all possibilities exist. And […]

Attract More People To Your Website (without paying for clicks)

Is your website lost in an obscure corner of the internet? Quietly being ignored?  Taking your website from zero to a few hundred, or even a few thousand visitors a month is not an easy task. But that doesn’t mean it’s not doable.  The key ingredient to any high traffic website is one simple thing: creativity! […]

Make More Money By Doing This One Thing

When you’re needing to make more money in your freelance business, our first impulse is to get more clients. But there’s actually a strategy that often goes overlooked.  It’s unfortunate that most freelancers greatly undercharge their work. Their logic is that if I lower my costs I’ll be able to get more clients who can […]

5 Pillars of a Successful Freelance Business

Whether you’re already working as a freelance creative, or your preparing to leave your job and turn your side hustle into full-time biz , it takes hard work, tenacity and drive to create a successful business. But unfortunately, a lot of new businesses fail after only the first few years. So what can we do […]